9 Card Phom – Easy to Play, Easy to Win Card Game at  New88 2024

The prize exchange card game is probably no longer a strange game to bettors. Especially card games Phom 9 cards has extremely attractive and simple gameplay. Let’s go with the dealer New88 Let’s learn more about this card game!

What is the 9 card phom card game? Why does it have such appeal?

For each region, there will be a way to call this game with its own name. As in the North, it is often called phom. In the south it is called ta la. However, no matter what name it is called, the rules and gameplay of this card game are the same.

This game is considered an extremely popular game, especially in the north of our country. Game Phom 9 cards  Start with a deck of 52 cards. Unlike forward, instead of dealing all the cards to each player, each player will only be dealt 9 cards.

So how can you play this card game in the simplest way? Then let’s find out with  New88, we will answer you in the most detailed way below.

The most detailed 9-card phom card game rules

According to the rules of the game, a table playing this card game can only have a maximum of 4 people. You can play with a smaller number of people but the minimum will be 2 players.

When dealing cards, the dealer will give each player 9 cards. The dealer will be dealt 10 cards and has the right to play first. The extra cards called Venom will be placed in the middle of the table so that during the playing process the player can draw them easily.

To create a phom, the player must have 3 cards of the same suit or number. For example, Q, K, A ro are 1 phom. Or any 3 cards of the same value are also 1 phom. If you have 2 K cards and the previous player throws another K card, you can eat it to create phom for yourself.

The rules of this card game are that each person will play 4 turns. After 4 turns, all players must lower their cards to calculate the winner or loser. The more cards a player has of the same suit, the higher their chances of winning.

Advantages of online 9-card phom card game

If it were the old days, you would want to play card games Phom 9 cards  To redeem this bonus, you have to go to live casinos. But many times casinos are opened very far away and it is very difficult for players who do not have the means to travel.

However, in today’s modern times, to meet people’s passions. This game has been adapted into a very convenient and simple form of online play.

You can play games no matter where you are. Whether you are far or near, you can call your friends to play with you when you have free time. As long as the player has a smart device and a stable 3G connection, they can fight immediately.

The actual rules of this card game are the same in online casinos, without much change. The only thing is that when you play cards on the machine, all operations of dealing and drawing cards are done automatically by the machine. You need to sit down and choose the cards you want to play.

Players have the right to skip the turn if they do not need it. The rounds will keep going until someone buzzes. This is different from when playing in real life, you will only be able to draw 4 cards.

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A few notes when playing 9-card phom

No matter how proficient a player is in this card game, they must have their own notes as follows:

  • A phom does not only have 3 cards. Four of a kind are also counted in one phom and a set of strings with 3 cards or more is also called 1 phom.
  • If it’s almost the last turn and you haven’t got any phom yet, you should play all the high-scoring cards in your hand immediately. Because in this game the person with the highest score will be the loser.
  • The first cards in the picture are considered the cards with the highest score, players should avoid keeping these cards until the last moment of the game.
  • The game will be played in turns clockwise, so if the side opposite you loses the card you are waiting for, quickly release your waiting cards.
  • You should know how to wait and avoid being too hasty and then losing
  • When playing online, you need to be clear. If you accidentally press a button on the table, it will ruin the entire game.

With the article that New88 shared above, we hope that you will understand the details of the card game Phom 9 cards. If you are looking for a reputable bookmaker to participate in and experience this attractive prize-winning card game, then quickly come to New88 https://new889.blue/. Register an account today to receive thousands of extremely hot promotions going on.

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