Playing Scratch Cards Online and Things You Must Know

Play scratch cards online has become an increasingly popular online betting game over the past 10 years. With convenience and a great interactive experience, playing scratch cards online will definitely give you a realistic feeling like sitting at a live casino. Down here, Liên Minh OKVIP will introduce top ways to play 3 cards online.

Overview of online scratch cards

In the world, this game’s international name in English is “Three card Poker,” meaning “three cards.” However, when returning to Vietnam, this game already has a name rich in specific identity as Southerners often call it “scratch cards” while Northerners use the term “scratch cards Lieng” more.

In addition, in casinos, this game is also known as “three western scratchers” and is also used in different cases. The rules of this game are developed based on comparing and contrasting scores between players or between players and the house.

In every game play scratch cards online, each side, including the dealer, will be dealt 3 cards. And this is also the reason why this game is called “three-card scratcher.” The outcome of the game largely depends on luck and random situations.

The 2 most common methods of playing online scratch cards

In scratch cards, there are two popular ways to play, below is a detailed description of how to play each type:

Scratching the turtle

In form play scratch cards online In this case, each player will bet the same amount of money before starting the game. After that, everyone will turn over the cards and compare scores. Only the player with the highest score will win and receive all the bets from the others.

If there are two people with the same score, the bet amount will be divided equally. If there is a situation where there are many people with the same score (3 or more people), the bet amount will not be divided but will continue with a new game to determine the final winner.

Hit the scratcher

In form play scratch cards online There will be a person who is the dealer and is responsible for distributing money to other players. At this time, players will not fight each other but will turn over their cards and compare them with the dealer’s score.

At this time, the player with a higher score than the dealer will win and receive the bet amount back. On the contrary, any player with a lower score than the dealer will have to return the bet amount to the dealer. These two ways to play scratch cards bring attraction and fun to players. You can choose the playing style you like and participate in online games to experience this fun.

Rules for playing scratch cards online that you must definitely know

Let’s explore the rules play scratch cards online and the specific steps are as follows:

Number of players in online scratch cards

The three-card scratch game usually allows from 2 to 10 participants in each game. However, in reality, the number of players currently on the dealer is not limited, there just needs to be enough cards to divide equally.


Before start play scratch cards online, each player will place a specific bet amount, this amount will be determined by the house. Some places may use “eraser” to place bets. Then, the player with the most “red” will be chosen as the dealer. In case there is a dealer, the dealer will take on the role of dealer.
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Rules for calculating points when playing scratch cards in each case

How to convert points for cards:

  • Piece A = 1 point.
  • The cards from 2 to 10 correspond to the numerical value on the card.
  • Pieces K, Q, J = 10 points.

In play scratch cards online, each point corresponds to a node, from 1 point (lowest) to 9 points (highest). In case of > 9 points when calculating, only the last unit value can be taken. If the total score is 16, then only 6 points will be counted.

In addition, there are:

  • Wax: When three pieces are the same, it is called wax. The value of the wax depends on the value of the cards, in which the wax of card A has the highest value.
  • Lieng: Three cards with consecutive values ​​are called Lieng. The value of the sacred suit depends on each card. For example, the set Q, K, A has the largest value.
  • Ba Tay: Includes 3 pieces with the same human shape. Three of a kind will have the same value regardless of the size of the card, however it has a lower value than wax and lien.

Play scratch cards online three cards is a fun and exciting game where players can show off their talent and luck. Flexible rules and simple scoring make Card game This becomes a great choice for those who want to experience fun but can still earn a significant income.

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