The Most Simple and Easy-to-Understand Instructions on How to Play Mahjong

You are a person who is passionate about games or culture, you love Chinese movies, then surely you cannot help but know about the game mahjong. So how to play mahjong? What are its rules? Let’s find out with Nhà cái MB66.

Introduction to mahjong

Mahjong means forest sparrow. In the mahjong cards, the first card has the symbol of a sparrow – the Nhat Sach. The material of mahjong cards is made from horn, ivory or plastic. Each chess game usually has 4 players, then the players will apply the strategies they are equipped with to win against their opponents (winning is also called buzzing).

Mahjong has many different ways to play, depending on the number of pieces as well as each region with different rules. But we will learn how to play mahjong in the Hong Kong style – that is also the basic way of playing from which other ways of playing can be learned.

Learn about mahjong tables

Mahjong table is an important tool in this game. The Chinese mahjong table is simple, has a square face, the sides are about 80cm long and about 60cm to 85cm high depending on the user; and a towel is often spread on the table to prevent the cards from being scratched.

The size of the Vietnamese playing table seems to be similar, about 90cm high, the square surface ranges in size from 90-95cm, especially with a surrounding edge (about 3-4cm high) covered with leather or leather. felt. The table surface is covered with a smooth, dark material to increase contrast and help the cards stand out more.

What are the outstanding characteristics of mahjong cards?

The mahjong deck basically consists of 4 suits and 1 frame.

These four sets will include: lean deck, float suit, flower suit and four seasons suit and include 160 cards divided specifically as follows: Van row, Van row, Sach row include 36 cards, 16 cards for wind East, West, South, North, Trung Phat Bach account for 12 pieces, Hoa set has 4 pieces, Four seasons set has 4 pieces, Tu Hoang set has 4 pieces, Tu Hau set has 4 pieces, the remaining 8 pieces belong to the Frame set.

What do you need to prepare before playing?

First is the player, the player needs to have 4-6 members. If there are 6 people, the way to play Mahjong will be divided as follows: 4 people will play the main game, the remaining 2 people will sit outside in reserve to receive the Central wind and Phat wind. When they can join the main game, it will also be when the East wind ends. Replace 2 people from the East and West exits.

Next is choosing a seat, this is not mandatory, depending on where the player wants to sit.

Is the way the cards are dealt different from playing cards?

According to the rules, the cards must be face down on the table before being dealt, players will shuffle and arrange them into 2 rows. In each row, there are 18 pieces stacked on top of each other and then moved forward to form a small square.

The dealer rolls the dice to calculate the points for dealing cards. With 160 cards, each person receives 40 cards and arranges them into 20 pairs to prepare in front of them.

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The steps have been prepared, so how to play mahjong?

Each mahjong game will consist of 4 turns: East, West, South, North. When one round ends, the wind ends. Starting from the East wind will come from people at the East door. When the East Gate moves around once and then returns to the original place, it changes to the South wind.

Then the dealer who owns 14 cards will play 1 card first, from which each person will then have 14 cards on each turn. Players will play continuously but in turn until a player “comes”. When the 14 cards arrive, they will be divided into 4 piles, in which each pile includes 3 cards and 1 pair (two identical cards).

Note the priority rule when playing mahjong

The first priority is the person who can buzz when using that card. If there are two or three people waiting for the same card to Buzz, the person sitting right below will have priority.

The second priority in playing mahjong is the person who wants to use that card to make a Chess or mat, and the priority for the person who uses the card to make Xuyen is only for the person sitting on the bottom door, the people above will be given priority. That should not be a priority.

Accurate scoring in mahjong play

When playing mahjong, the unit of scoring is judgment. Below are instructions so you can calculate your scores most accurately.

  • 0 judgement: means a good game to win.
  • 1: If there are 4 cards in your hand, it’s your turn to pick the card and the jack, if there is a card that matches the number of seats, there is a hole or a check with the door.
  • 2 judgment: the card is added when buzzed or has the following characteristics: there are 4 flowers of the same type, the card drawn and buzzed is the last card, has the same wind or the same door as the mat and drum.
  • 3 judgments: Added when your brother’s hand has 3 dragon cards, 3 types of wind cards or a buzzing card of the same type.
  • 6: Points will be awarded when your card has 4 small wind sounds, four joys, spontaneously blowing and buzzing, full of sounds.
  • 8 judgments: Added when the buzzing card has 4 types of big four joys, spontaneously picking up buzzing or having wind and dragon pieces in hand.


Above is an article MB66 shares about how to play mahjong. Hopefully this article will help readers understand more about mahjong and thereby be able to participate in playing this subject more proficiently.

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