Soccer betting laws in Vietnam that you need to know before participating

Football betting today is becoming an indispensable spiritual food for football enthusiasts. Because not only can you relieve stress, but you can also earn extra income for yourself. However, many players still do not understand the rules of soccer betting, which leads to arguments, or even unnecessary things happening. Therefore, we will share with you the football betting rules in Vietnam that you need to know before participating. Let’s Okvip Follow the article below with us!
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Soccer betting laws in Vietnam

Soccer betting is a form of betting on house odds in which participants use their money or assets to predict the outcome of an upcoming or ongoing match. If your prediction is correct, you will win the bet and receive a bonus according to the bet level offered by the bookmakers. If your prediction is wrong, you will lose all your bet money.

Most people will think that the law of our country does not allow soccer betting, and if they participate, they will be violating the law. Actually, that’s not the case, because the consequences of soccer betting are so great that the government is still trying to control and allow people to participate to a certain extent.

In recent years, soccer betting laws in Vietnam have also been relaxed a lot. However, soccer betting is still not recognized as a completely legal form of entertainment.

Subjects allowed to participate in soccer betting

Soccer betting laws in Vietnam allow the following people to participate in betting:

  • Participants must be 21 years of age or older.
  • Have identification documents or documents proving your legal rights when participating.
  • Have civil act capacity in accordance with the provisions of Vietnamese law.

Some other simple football betting rules

Over/under football betting rules

Over/Under betting is also often used in online soccer betting. According to Over/Under soccer betting rules, players will not be allowed to bet on the last two minutes of the over/under window, but the typical betting time is 30 minutes, so you should learn more about some bookmakers to find out more. Know more reputable betting sites.

With this form of betting, waiting tickets will be officially canceled when the match has a goal or in case of a missed free kick, waiting bets will be considered within the safety zone.

Rules for calculating legal and illegal matches

According to basic football betting rules, bookmakers will not recognize a match when there are any changes in the match compared to the initially announced announcements such as: match time, change the competition location. Because these reasons have a great impact on the results of win – loss – draw and to avoid any fraud in soccer betting, bets for this match will be canceled, please refer to “receiving Determine today’s soccer results” before placing bets.

Football betting rules when results are canceled

For online soccer betting, there are many different betting methods applied by bookmakers such as: betting on the first half, the second half or the entire match. With first half betting: the house only counts the results of the match in the first half. But if the result of the first half soccer match is canceled, all related bets will also be canceled. And if the result is canceled in the second half, bets in the first half will still be considered valid.
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Rules for calculating football betting time

Soccer betting rules simply allow betting participants to bet during most of the match, up to the 90th minute of the match, or even during extra time. However, each soccer betting site has its own and different regulations in this calculation, so please carefully study carefully before placing an order.

The moment the referee blows the whistle to announce that the match is over, most pending bets will be automatically rejected, all bets after this time will be invalid.

The results of extra time will not be recognized by the bookmaker and included in football odds except in some special situations.

Hopefully, the detailed information shared above will help you better understand soccer betting laws in Vietnam before you want to participate. We will continuously update all basic soccer betting rules, so please refer to the latest information from us regularly to participate in soccer betting with an easier chance of winning! Thank you for your interest in our article. Wishing you success on your betting journey!

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