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Light Sky’s Super Scope Max: Unleashing the Power of LED Profile Spotlights

Light Sky‘s Super Scope Max is a revolutionary LED profile spot light that delivers exceptional lighting effects for theatrical performances. With its 1200W LED light source, advanced optical system, comprehensive functionality, and intelligent design, the Super Scope Max sets a new benchmark for LED profile spotlights.

Powerful Illumination and Optimal Performance

The Super Scope Max harnesses the power of a 1200W LED light source, providing brilliant illumination, energy efficiency, and a long lifespan of up to 20,000 hours. Its advanced optical system incorporates high-quality lenses coated with anti-reflection film, enabling an impressive 8x optical zoom and ensuring optimal light utilization. The result is a strong and uniform beam that penetrates the stage with exceptional brightness and clarity.

Versatile Functionality and Creative Freedom

Designed to cater to various lighting requirements, the Super Scope Max combines beam, wash and spot profiles effects into a single, versatile solution. This comprehensive functionality empowers lighting designers with the freedom to unleash their creativity and craft captivating scenes. The spotlight’s CMY linear color mixing feature offers a wide range of vibrant colors, while the linear CTO control expands the color spectrum from 3000K to 6500K, allowing precise adjustment of color temperatures.

Intuitive Control and Seamless Integration

Light Sky understands the importance of intuitive control and seamless integration with existing lighting systems. The Super Scope Max supports widely used control protocols such as DMX 512, RDM, and ARTNET, ensuring compatibility and ease of use. With two channel modes (42CH and 56CH), lighting designers can choose the programming option that suits their preferences. The spotlight’s 2.8-inch resistive color touch screen and LCD display provide a user-friendly interface for convenient control and clear visibility in any lighting condition. Software upgrades can be easily performed via DMX signal or USB interface, ensuring access to the latest features and enhancements.


Light Sky’s Super Scope Max is a game-changing LED profile spotlight that empowers lighting designers to create mesmerizing visual experiences. With its powerful illumination, advanced optical system, comprehensive functionality, and intelligent design, the Super Scope Max surpasses expectations. Whether it’s a theater production, concert, or TV show, this spotlight delivers exceptional performance, versatility, and control.

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