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Hermetix’s TO Header Solutions: Elevating Optoelectronic Packaging Efficiency

In the realm of optoelectronic packaging, Hermetix stands as a trusted industry leader, consistently delivering innovative solutions that exceed expectations. Enter Hermetix’s TO header series, where reliability, customization, and efficient thermal management converge.

High Production Efficiency and Customizable Designs

One standout feature of Hermetix’s TO headers is their exceptional production efficiency. Utilizing a mechanical stamping process for the housing structure ensures swift and reliable mass production. This remarkable advantage allows our solutions, such as the TO-46-006 header, to cater to the demands of high-volume manufacturing, empowering customers to meet their production targets quickly and efficiently.

Innovative Lid Sealing Methods and Plating Options

Hermetix places utmost importance on the performance and longevity of our TO headers. Our innovative lid sealing methods guarantee superior protection and safeguard the enclosed electronic components against external elements. By combining robust sealing techniques with cutting-edge materials, we ensure optimal performance and reliability for even the most demanding applications.

Unlocking the Benefits of Optoelectronic Packaging

The advantages offered by Hermetix’s TO headers extend far beyond their exceptional production efficiency and customization capabilities. One notable benefit is their outstanding heat dissipation performance. Equipped with metal heat sinks, these headers efficiently dissipate heat generated by the enclosed electronic components, ensuring reliable and stable operation in even the most demanding conditions.


Hermetix’s TO header solutions represent a paradigm shift in the realm of optoelectronic packaging. With their high production efficiency, customizability, and enhanced thermal management capabilities, these headers elevate the standards of efficiency and performance. Combining innovative lid sealing methods with multiple plating options, our solutions are well-equipped to serve a multitude of applications. Embrace the future with Hermetix’s TO header series and unlock unparalleled opportunities for success in the optoelectronic packaging industry!

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