Information about automated webinars

Automated webinars work on an automatic basis. They can be scheduled by the webinar host and can start and stop without any interaction.

In some cases, automated webinars are possible. These webinars can be replicated without the assistance of a host. This is achieved by controlling the start/end times and the video playback timing during webinars.

Automation can also be used to create live webinars. These are planned actions that start simultaneously. This includes starting and ending a webinar as well as moving to another website after the webinar.

Automated actions that can be taken during a webinar

For all automated webinars, the developer should set automation parameters. Automation rules determine the moment automation will occur during the webinar. The platform used will determine which tasks can be automated. Here are some examples:

Start the webinar, and then end it.

Show a video

Refer to a specific page

Send a survey

Slide show

Give a call for action.

Start the webinar

The webinar will be initiated at the time specified by the beginning webinar automation. The webinars will automatically start, and no further action is required by the webinar organizers.

The webinar is over

The webinar will be completed automatically upon its conclusion.

View a video

The “show a Video” automation will play any type of video during the webinar. Multiple video formats can be played during a single webinar.

Refers to a specific page

Page refer will take the audience to a URL after the webinar. A page redirect is most commonly used for sales demos. A sales rep can setup redirection to take viewers to a pricing page, or even a discount at the end of an automated webinar. A number of useful information can also be provided to the audience, such as multimedia or web books. Academic institutions can use page redirects to assess students.

Send an survey

To gauge audience opinion on different issues, polls can also be used during the webinar. The data collected can be used later. Polls are a great way to engage people.

Slide show

The automation is similar to playing a video. Some software can even predict when slides will change.

Send an email to

CTAs (Call to Actions) are encouraged for participants to use to make their responses. These can be programmed to automatically occur during webinars at crucial decision points. Participants can set up a “Buy It Now” CTA to display when the webinar organizer discloses the price of their product or service.

How to use an automated webinar to your benefit

These are the steps to help you create an automated webinar.

Record a webinar live and make sure it converts at least 5-15 percent, depending on the pricing. Record each live event. You can reuse the recordings if you automate them.

Create your webinar date-independent. Your mailing lists, landing pages, advertising materials, and other materials should not be date-sensitive. This allows you to view your webinar over and over, making it permanent.

It is not a good idea to discuss current pop culture trends. Although it may seem like a great way to get your audience’s attention, it will not be the best idea for your webinar.

Make sure your webinar has a chat function. While it is important to inform your audience that the webinar is fully automated, it’s still valuable to have a live person answer questions.

Add up how many people have seen your video and display it. When you present your pre-recorded webinar in this manner, people will feel less lonely. WebinarJam is the best webinar solution.

Eliminate any advertising, including YouTube marks, from the movie’s edges. This mistake was made when I first tried to set up an automated webinar. This will prevent your visitors from clicking on the logo and causing them to leave your site.

This branding can also appear low-cost. Wistia allows you to show and analyze your films in your own unique way.

It is important to make it clear whether your webinar has been pre-recorded. Your audience should know if parts of the webinar are recorded and if only a few minutes have been recorded. Your brand will be able to benefit from their openness.

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