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Helping the Event Run Smoothly: BAKO

Shenzhen BAKO Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., formed in November 2008, has risen to prominence in the LED display industry. The company itself as a high-tech firm that specializes in LED screen products research and development, manufacturing, sales, and solutions. With a rich history and commitment to excellence, BAKO has established itself as a trusted and renowned LED screen manufacturer. They participated as LED screen manufacturers in the 31st Summer Universiade held in Chengdu.

Tournament Participation

In the fast-paced digital era, captivating visual displays have become an essential tool for communication and engagement. Chengdu, China – In a momentous display of sporting excellence and visual grandeur, BAKO took center stage at the 31st Summer Universiade held in Chengdu. BAKO, renowned for its expertise in LED display solutions, took on the responsibility of providing comprehensive visual effects support for the entire opening ceremony. The company’s cutting-edge LED displays and stage designs set the stage for a mesmerizing spectacle that captivated the audience and athletes alike.

Exceptional Stability and Dust Resistance

One noteworthy installation was the impressive 966-square-meter BAKO LED display at Dong’an Lake Sports Park. With a pixel pitch of 4 and a sleek, lightweight design, the LED screen showcased exceptional stability and dust resistance. This state-of-the-art display added a dynamic and immersive visual element to the event, effectively meeting the demanding requirements of sports competitions, exhibitions, and commercial performances.

Enhance the Viewing Experience

BAKO’s LED display solutions not only delivered striking visuals but also enhanced the overall experience for both the participants and the audience. The high contrast, vibrant colors, and remarkable clarity of the LED displays brought the action to life, ensuring that every moment was magnified with breathtaking detail.


BAKO continues to solidify its position as a leading LED screen manufacturer, demonstrating its dedication to pushing the boundaries of visual technology and delivering exceptional experiences on the global stage. With each successful endeavor, BAKO reinforces its commitment to innovation, quality, and the power of visual integration.

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