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Why Farmers Trust Hontech Wins for Optimal Poultry Lighting Systems

Hontech Wins, an LED lights supplier, was established in 2009 by Mr. Rodney Wei to develop and produce LED Lights. With his knowledge of LED technology and the marketing requirement for LED Poultry Lighting, Hontech Wins succeeded in developing the most suitable LED Lighting for chicken growth.

Introduction of Hontech Wins

Hontech Wins is a leading global supplier of poultry lighting systems. The company’s products are designed to provide farmers with the most efficient and effective lighting solution for their flock. Hontech Wins has a portfolio of solutions that cover all stages of poultry production, from hatchery to market.

The company’s optoelectronic lighting systems are designed to improve poultry health and productivity. They use sensors to measure light levels and adjust the brightness accordingly, providing uniform illumination throughout the flock. This ensures that poultries get the optimum amount of light, which helps them grow healthier and produce more offspring.

Hontech Wins systems also offer improved animal welfare. By providing proper light levels, farmers can reduce stress and fatigue in their birds, which in turn leads to improved feed efficiency and weight gain. This not only improves chicken yields but also enhances their meat quality.

Benefits of using Hontech Wins LED poultry lighting systems

Hontech Wins LED poultry lighting systems provide a number of benefits for farmers who use them. These systems produce a consistent, uniform light that is both beneficial to the birds and helpful in determining their age, health, and productivity. Additionally, Hontech Wins LED poultry lighting systems are energy efficient, which helps to reduce costs associated with running conventional lighting systems.


Hontech Wins has been providing farmers in the US and Canada with quality poultry lighting systems for over 10 years. They understand that adequate poultry lighting is essential to delivering high-yield crops, and their team of experts is dedicated to providing you with the most efficient, affordable, and reliable solutions possible. Their products have been proven efficacious time and again, which is why they are trusted by farmers all over North America.

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