Experts share their top tips for designing car stickers

Over the years, marketing experts have discovered that vehicles make a great advertising space because they can move from one place to the next. You can easily promote your brand by simply printing stickers and sticking them to the car’s bumper or windows. Vehicle stickers are also easy to print, and quite affordable, making them great marketing tools.

Many organizations have used bumper stickers and window stickers for years to boost their marketing and promotional campaigns. Chron says that window and bumper stickers are used to catch the eyes of commuters as well as passersby, regardless of whether they are waiting at traffic signals or speeding past.

It is not surprising that vehicle stickers are so popular with people who drive for long periods of time. Here are some design tips for creating stunning vehicle stickers to promote your company.

Use Vibrant Colors

You should choose the right colors when designing vehicle stickers. You will get great results if you are careful about choosing the right colors. Your car stickers may be in two or three colors. Keep in mind that the goal of your car stickers is to increase brand visibility. Bold and vivid colors can grab consumers’ attention. It is possible to stick to the brand colors or logos that you use in all promotional tools, such as brochures, banners, posters, and banners. Consult color scheme design apps online.

Use a catchy slogan

Your business slogan may be included in the vehicle sticker’s core design. This will help you promote and market your campaign. Your brand’s slogan should be the core of your marketing campaign. Your brand’s essence should be captured in your slogan. It should also be catchy so it has a lasting impression on viewers. Keep your slogan simple and concise. Identify the USP of your product or service. It should be highlighted in your slogan. To grab customers’ attention, use humor and wit strategically in the slogan. Funny stickers can give you a competitive advantage and make your company stand out from the rest. Humorous stickers can create positive emotions that will help you establish a good relationship with your clients. Your vehicle stickers should not be offensive, and should be family-friendly.

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Use Graphics sparingly

Graphics are crucial in creating eye-catching car window stickers. You shouldn’t go too far. Be careful with graphics. Graphics should be used in a way that is easy to read and visually clear. Avoid using too many text and images as this could confuse the viewers. Harmony should exist between graphics and text.


Use a high resolution photo. High resolution images may be used for the design of the sticker. If you want to make a statement and stand out, you can choose a large vehicle sticker. To ensure high-quality prints, ensure the image is at least 300 pixels wide for large-format stickers and decals.

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