Automated software is a must-have at Valet Parking kiosks

You can make a huge impact on your business with a well-designed valet parking system. The old pen and paper system has become obsolete. You can automate your valet-parking software with kiosks such as CVPS. This will optimize your business and make systems work.

What is the Valet Parking System?

Valet parking software is a combination of desktop and mobile tools that enable parking operators to increase revenue, decrease labor costs, and provide high-quality customer services. Valet Parking kiosks offer several important benefits:

Guest Check-in

The valet driver will issue tickets when guests arrive. However, valet park kiosks such as CVPS allow guests to choose to receive an SMS with all the details they need, eliminating the need to print paper tickets. With the CVPS valet-parking software, the valet driver can record details about the guest and the date of departure.

Valet parking is easy

After guests have checked in, the driver will park the car and record the location in the system. It ensures that guests can locate the vehicle easily by doing this. CVPS solutions track every step of the valet parking process, from guest’s arrival until their departure. This improves transparency in valet parking software.

Smooth Vehicle Recovery

With valet-parking kiosks guests can request their vehicle via SMS at a kiosk or through the kiosk. The attendant will receive an SMS and the driver can pick up the vehicle immediately. This will provide guests with an invaluable benefit: they will know exactly when their vehicle is available.

Verified payment systems

Your customers can pay using a variety of payment options with CVPS solutions. Customers can pay by phone or in person. Customers can pay with cash, debit, or credit. Credit card transactions can be processed via 5 gateways that offer P2PE or EMV solutions.

Advanced Analytics in a Single Touch

Many valet parking kiosks have advanced metrics and support. You can also create custom reports to view the daily, monthly and yearly statistics with this software.

You might still have a question about automated Valet Parking kiosks.

Why valet software?

For customers, convenient parking

Customers have a very different psychology. Customers don’t mind paying high prices or long lines if they have a great experience. Valet software allows customers to leave their car with a parking attendant rather than searching for a place to park. Valet attendants will find the spot much quicker because everything is stored with CVPS software. Valet parking attendants will be able to quickly return to their customers and can do so much quicker.

Parking security enhanced

Customers are often hesitant about lending their cars to others due to security concerns. This is mainly true for land cruiser owners. Valet parking software allows parking attendants to take a photograph of the vehicle in its current condition before they drive it away. This photo will prove authentic and protect both you and your customer in the event of damage.

Your business’s status can be improved

Valet parking software can help you make your business appear modern and sophisticated. This software can help you increase your business’s status and attract customers. Automated valet parking software can help you quickly attract customers to a restaurant you’re opening.

Effective Performance Tracking

Manual performance tracking can be tedious for valet attendants using traditional valet parking software. Valet parking kiosks allow you to generate reports that can track each attendant’s performance. This dashboard can be accessed in real time and can be viewed.

Valet parking software can track each attendant’s location, which is useful in emergency situations.


Automated valet-parking software is an innovation in today’s world and a necessity for many businesses. Get the CVPS application to transform your business. CVPS has experience with valet parking services and can provide clients seamless experiences. Valet parking solutions can help you leverage your business and give your customers seamless experiences.

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