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What Are the Best Hotel Lobby Displays for the Current Trend?

Large-screen TVs showing ambient video have become the most common trend in hotel lobby displays over the past few years. However, as digital signage can be updated and changed more quickly, many of these screens have been replaced.

What purpose does the hotel lobby’s indoor fixed LED display serve?

Your hotel lobby would benefit greatly from the addition of indoor fixed LED displays. In addition, it may display significant information like check-in times and exclusive deals and create a lively and engaging environment.

In hotel lobbies, interior fixed LED displays can be used in various ways.

  1. Make crucial information visible, such as the check-in time and any discounts.
  2. Establish a lively and interesting environment.
  3. Give your lobby some visual interest.
  4. Establish focal spots for visitors to the hotel.

What are the newest styles being used in hotel lobby decor?

Building a good hotel lobby is crucial since it serves as the first and last impression visitors provide to other guests. Utilizing an eye-catching display is one strategy. But what are the newest styles being used in hotel lobby decor?

Utilizing a digital display is a common technique. These can present data regarding lodging options, nearby activities, and more. Additionally interactive, the digital displays allow visitors to learn more about your establishment before entering.

The use of sustainable materials in lobby displays is another trend. This benefits the environment and demonstrates your hotel’s social responsibility. Your visitors will appreciate your efforts to conserve the environment!

The popularity of bespoke displays is also rising. These were made especially for your hotel and can contain anything from your logo to details about the unique amenities and services you provide. In addition, your lobby will look distinctive thanks to custom displays, helping it to stand out from the competition.

In summary

Hotel lobbies are updated frequently to reflect the newest trends. Check out LP Display for some great examples if you need ideas for your hotel lobby display.

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