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Sunpower New Energy: Your Trusted Partner for Tailored Lithium Battery Packs

Sunpower New Energy takes pride in its reputation as a leading provider of customized lithium battery packs, offering a diverse range of solutions to meet the unique requirements of businesses worldwide. As an industry leader, Sunpower New Energy has established itself as a reliable partner, aligning with the high standards set by Japan and South Korea’s world-class brands. The company’s commitment to excellence is evident through its exceptional capacity to customize lithium ion 26700, 21700, and 18650 battery packs according to specific requests. From battery size and shell material to BMS charging and discharging current, Sunpower New Energy lithium battery packs offer tailored solutions that empower businesses with optimal performance, safety, and versatility.

Customized Battery Size and Shell Material

Sunpower New Energy understands that different applications demand unique battery sizes and materials for optimal performance. With its commitment to tailored solutions, the company provides the flexibility to customize battery size and shell material, ensuring seamless integration into various devices and systems. Whether it’s compact and lightweight designs or robust and durable shells, Sunpower New Energy delivers battery packs that align perfectly with your specific needs.

Customized BMS Charging and Discharging Current

To cater to varying power requirements, Sunpower New Energy allows clients to customize the BMS charging and discharging current. By fine-tuning the charging and discharging parameters, businesses can ensure efficient power management, prolonged battery life, and optimal performance across diverse applications. Sunpower New Energy’s advanced BMS technology ensures safe and reliable operation, enhancing the overall reliability of the customized battery packs.

Customized Connect Plug, Socket, and Connector Wire

Sunpower New Energy goes the extra mile in catering to its clients’ unique demands by offering customized connect plugs, sockets, and connector wires. This feature facilitates seamless integration and compatibility with specific devices, ensuring smooth operations and minimizing downtime. With Sunpower New Energy’s focus on customization, businesses can confidently optimize their applications with battery packs that are perfectly tailored to their requirements.


Sunpower New Energy stands at the forefront of the lithium battery industry, offering unmatched expertise in customized solutions. With the ability to tailor battery size, shell material, BMS charging and discharging current, and connector components, the company empowers businesses with versatile and reliable lithium battery packs. Clients can trust Sunpower New Energy as their dedicated partner, aligning with their unique requirements and providing the best-in-class solutions for superior performance, safety, and efficiency. Experience the transformative power of tailored lithium battery packs with Sunpower New Energy and redefine the way your applications perform.

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