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Step into Brilliance: HIKMICRO Eco & Eco-V Thermographic Cameras

Introducing HIKMICRO Eco & Eco-V thermographic cameras, the perfect blend of affordability and exceptional performance. Designed to deliver enhanced thermal clarity, rugged durability, and extended runtime, HIKMICRO offers an impressive solution for a wide range of applications. With their cutting-edge SuperIR image enhancement technology, robust construction, and long-lasting battery life, HIKMICRO Eco & Eco-V thermographic cameras are indeed brilliant choices for professionals seeking reliable and cost-effective thermal imaging solutions.

Enhanced Thermal Clarity with SuperIR Technology

HIKMICRO Eco & Eco-V thermographic cameras are powered by the innovative SuperIR image enhancement technology. This advanced feature upscales thermal images from 96 × 96 resolution to an impressive 240 x 240 resolution, providing exceptional thermal clarity. Whether viewing live images or capturing photos, users can rely on HIKMICRO cameras to deliver detailed and accurate thermal imaging results. With a fast image frequency of 25 Hz, professionals can capture real-time thermal data with precision and efficiency.

Rugged and Durable for Challenging Environments

HIKMICRO understands that thermographic cameras often need to withstand demanding conditions. That’s why Eco & Eco-V cameras are built with an IP54-rated form factor, offering excellent protection against dust and water splashes. Additionally, these cameras have undergone stringent drop tests, ensuring their durability in rugged environments. With the ability to survive drops of up to 2 meters (6.56 feet), HIKMICRO Eco & Eco-V thermographic cameras are reliable tools that can withstand the challenges of various industries.

Extended Runtime for Uninterrupted Operation

HIKMICRO Eco & Eco-V thermographic cameras come equipped with a built-in 3350mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery. This high-capacity battery ensures extended runtime, allowing for up to 8 hours of continuous operation. Moreover, the cameras feature thoughtful auto power-off settings, including 5, 10, and 20 minutes. These settings help conserve battery life by automatically turning off the camera after a specified period of inactivity. With an extended runtime and intelligent power management, professionals can rely on HIKMICRO Eco & Eco-V cameras for uninterrupted thermal imaging tasks.


For professionals seeking brilliant thermographic cameras that offer exceptional performance at an affordable price, HIKMICRO Eco & Eco-V are the perfect choices. With their SuperIR image enhancement technology, these cameras deliver enhanced thermal clarity, providing detailed and accurate thermal imaging results. Their rugged construction ensures durability in challenging environments, while the extended runtime of up to 8 hours allows for uninterrupted operation. Experience the brilliance of HIKMICRO Eco & Eco-V and unlock new possibilities in your thermal imaging applications.

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