Step-by-step explanation of how SEO works – What is an SEO strategy?

Many companies might feel overwhelmed by all the information available regarding search engine optimization. They will often do nothing if they don’t have an expert SEO consultant or in-house SEO.

We’ll be looking at simple ways to improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) – even if it’s not possible to hire an expert.

We’d like you to meet The Watchtower, the leading SEO Agency London UK and Web Development Company London UK. This agency enjoys sharing practical tips with its readers to improve their everyday lives.

What is an SEO Strategy?

SEO strategies (also called “SEO approach” and “search engine optimization strategy”) are the steps of planning, designing, and implementing actions to improve search engine rankings.

An SEO strategy, in other words, is a strategy that you use to increase organic search engine traffic.

Then, these are the steps to develop an SEO plan for 2021:

Step 1: Create a keyword list

Step 2: Check out Google’s First Pages Step 3: Create Something New or Improved

Step 4: Attach a hook

Step 5: On Page SEO Optimization

Step 6: Optimize your website for search intent

#1: Create a Keyword List

Make a Keyword List Keywords are essential to search engine optimization. Keyword research is the most important step in any SEO plan. Google Suggest allows you to quickly find keywords that your target client searches. You can start by entering a keyword in Google’s search box. A list of suggestions will be displayed. These recommendations are excellent keywords for SEO, as they come directly from Google. These keywords are searched for by people.

#2: Check out Google’s First Page

You have now identified a few keywords. Now it’s time to see what is currently working for these keywords. Enter one of the terms that you found into Google.

Check out the top ten results in

Keep track of any trends that you notice. The SERPs for SEO Tools are PACKED with tool list:

You should know that list posts are the most common first page results if you intend to address that topic on your website. A list article should be included on your blog.

#3: Make Something Different and Better

Now is the time to create high-quality content. There are two options when it comes to SEO content:

Option 1: You have the option to create something completely unique.

Option 2: You have the option to build something even better.

Sometimes, you need to create something bigger and better than what is available. Sometimes, however, completely different information may be more beneficial. Why? It makes your material outstanding.


You only need to create material that is ten-times better than the existing one.

We hope that you find a lot of useful information here. The Watchtower is a leading SEO Agency London UK and Web Development Company London UK.

#4: Add a Hook

If you want to improve your search engine results in 2021, backlinks are essential. According to Stone Temple Consulting’s Moz blog, links are still strongly linked to first-page Google results. Spearman correlation using a quadratic means. They are therefore an important element of Google’s ranking.

#4: Optimize your Website for On-Page Search

These are the three methods of on-page SEO that I believe should be ranked first in 2021.

Internal linking

Yes, internal linking still works. However, you need to do it correctly. It is important to link from pages with high authority to pages that need authority.

Short, Keyword-Rich URLs

Our analysis of 11.8million Google search results revealed something many people wouldn’t have expected: short URLs outperform long URLs when it comes to search engine optimization. Long URLs are often outranked by short URLs. This is why I use a combination of keywords to create my URLs.

Semantic SEO

Finally, I make my material semantically SEO-friendly. I search for keywords that are related to my target keyword. These phrases are then added to my content

#6 – Optimize Your Website to Search Intent

Search Intent is something you may want to start publishing content immediately.

Which approach are you most excited to try from today’s post? Are you going to update and relaunch older content?

We hope that you found this informative and enjoyable. That is our main objective. As the award-winning SEO Agency London UK and Web Development Company London UK, we will continue to offer high quality online content.

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