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Seamless Integration and Customizable Beam Angles: Ledia Lighting’s Exceptional Floodlight Solutions

Ledia Lighting is delighted to introduce the revolutionary outdoor LED floodlights, specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of distributors and agents. Their D Series Flood lights combine sleek aesthetics, intelligent features, and energy efficiency, setting a new standard in commercial lighting solutions. Let’s delve into the remarkable features that make such commercial LED flood lights shine above the rest.

Super Slim Design for Versatile Applications

Embrace the future of lighting with Ledia Lighting’s ultra-slim flood light design, measuring a mere 60mm in thickness. This sleek profile allows for seamless integration into various commercial settings, ensuring a sophisticated and unobtrusive lighting solution. Versatile installation options further enhance adaptability, making Ledia Lighting’s flood lights suitable for a wide range of application cases.

Exact Beam Angle Customization

Precision is the essence of their flood lights! With scale marks conveniently located on both sides of the holder, you can easily measure and adjust the beam angle according to your specific requirements. Choose from a range of beam angles, including 30°, 60°, 90°, 120°, TYPE2, TYPE3, and TYPE4, to achieve precise lighting distribution for every space.

Intelligent Design with ZHAGA Option

Ledia Lighting’s LED flood lights embrace intelligent design elements to elevate user experience. Featuring a DC 12V auxiliary option, they provide additional flexibility and support. Furthermore, Ledia Lighting’s flood lights are available with the innovative ZHAGA option, ensuring seamless compatibility with ZHAGA-compliant lighting fixtures and systems, making integration effortless.


Become a distributor or agent of Ledia Lighting and offer your customers commercial LED flood lights that combine innovation, style, and superior quality. Enhance their commercial spaces with precision lighting, ultra-slim designs, and advanced features that set Ledia Lighting’s flood lights apart.

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