Maximizing Efficiency and Reliability: An Overview of Autophix’s Range of Diagnostic Products

If someone is looking for a reliable and professional Autophix OBDII code reader for their car, they might want to check out Autophix. Autophix is a leading manufacturer of automotive diagnostic tools, with over 10 years of experience in the industry. They offer a wide range of products to meet different needs and preferences, such as universal code readers, wireless Bluetooth scanners, professional diagnostic tools, battery testers, and jump starters.


The universal code readers from Autophix can work with most OBDII compliant vehicles and provide basic functions like reading and clearing codes, displaying live data, performing I/M readiness tests, and more. Some examples are the OM126P and the OM129 models. The wireless Bluetooth scanners can connect to smartphones or tablets via Bluetooth and use an app to display diagnostic information. They are convenient and easy to use, and can also support some advanced functions like battery test, oil light reset, and more. Some examples are the OM500 models.

Autophix’s professional diagnostic tools are specially designed for certain car brands or models and can provide more comprehensive and accurate diagnosis. They can also perform special functions like battery registration, oil reset, EPB reset, SAS reset, and more. Their battery testers can test the condition of a car’s battery and alternator and provide useful information like voltage, current, resistance, cranking test, charging test, and more.


Autophix OBDII code reader can provide emergency power to start a car when the battery is dead. They are compact and portable, and can also charge mobile devices via USB ports. Autophix products are easy to use, with user-friendly interfaces and multilingual menus. They can also be upgraded online to keep up with the latest technology and vehicle models.

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