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Introducing HIKMICRO CH35L and CONDOR LRF: Precision in Thermal Handheld Monoculars

In the world of thermal imaging, HIKMICRO sets the standard with its CH35L thermal handheld monocular. These devices combine advanced technology with user-friendly features, making them indispensable tools for wildlife observation and surveillance.

HIKMICRO CH35L: Unmatched Detail in Thermal Imaging

Experience precision like never before with the HIKMICRO CH35L thermal handheld monocular. Boasting a basic magnification of 3.5x, a 384 detector, and a 35 mm focal length, this device offers exceptional clarity and detail in thermal imaging. With a field of view spanning 13 meters, the CH35L is perfect for capturing detailed images in large, open spaces. Whether for wildlife observation or surveillance, this versatile monocular delivers unparalleled performance.

Image Quality Exploration and Distance Measurement

Embark on a journey of precision and exploration with the HIKMICRO CONDOR LRF thermal handheld monocular. Featuring ultra-clear image quality and precise distance measurement capabilities, the CONDOR LRF sets the standard for thermal imaging excellence. Its powerful high sensitivity (NETD<20mK) thermal detector ensures clear identification of small details in various weather and light conditions. Whether for detailed object recognition or precise distance measurement, the CONDOR LRF delivers unmatched performance and reliability.

Versatility and Reliability: Designed for Diverse Conditions

CH35L is designed to perform reliably in diverse environmental conditions. Whether you are in a humid forest or a dry, arid landscape, these monoculars provide consistent performance. Their robust construction and advanced features make them the go-to choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike.


In conclusion, the HIKMICRO CH35L redefines precision in thermal handheld monoculars. With exceptional detail and clarity, these devices offer unparalleled performance for thermal imaging applications. Elevate your thermal imaging experience with the precision and reliability of HIKMICRO CH35L, and unlock a new level of clarity in every observation.

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