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How to determine the performance of your device’s tracking system

Our Car tracker Pakistan uses a vehicle tracking device to not only track the route and track the location, but also to see the overall efficiency of each trip.

If the vehicle tracking device doesn’t provide clear information about vehicle activities or is not able to notify authorities about unhealthy trends across trips, then it will be useless.

If the device can be proactive and collect the required data (e.g. time, fuel costs and traffic trends), it is loud and powerful.

It is possible to determine the performance of your tracking device by measuring its uptime, location accuracy and durability as well as the battery life.


Uptime is the duration of vehicle tracking device activity. This includes the time from the moment the key switches on to the moment that the vehicle switches off.

It includes the availability of time and location, acceleration (speed), ignition status (amount, trends, and trend of fuel burnt), and the status of vehicle turnings during the ride.

All of these factors can be used to determine vehicle performance ratios. The road condition, favorable weather and drivers’ driving habits are all different every day.

A vehicle tracking device that can count all these factors can give you a great insight into your rides. It is therefore important to monitor the tracking times.

Simply put, tracking uptime can be defined as the availability of time and location, speed, ignition status or motion status, data, and data.


Unmatched performance in various conditions is the benchmark that measures a device’s durability.

Vehicle tracking devices are durable enough to meet all weather conditions and terrain requirements.

The durability of the device is enhanced by the speed of its sensors and the quality and reliability of the hardware components.

The durability of tracking devices is also affected by the manufacturing elements and the dimensions of the components.

Location accuracy

The tracking device can be used to determine the vehicle’s exact location. This is an inactive method of identifying the vehicle’s performance.

The accuracy of a device’s location depends on many factors such as signal strength, atmospheric conditions, satellite geometry, receiver quality, features, and satellite geometry.

Accessing the exact location of a vehicle is also dependent on the location of the device.

The devices with the most advanced gadgets and updatable software support perform well and provide precise location data in real time.

Battery Life

The amount of energy the device consumes will determine how long it lasts. However, different devices will have different battery lives.

However, a longer battery life is always better. This is why the battery life of your device is taken into account when calculating performance.


We need to consider these factors briefly in order to determine the best car tracker for Pakistan. It is time-consuming.

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