Exploring the Applications of Patient Tracking System for Enhanced Healthcare

Patient tracking systems have revolutionized healthcare delivery by providing real-time monitoring and accurate locating of patients within medical facilities. Blueiot, a leading provider in the field of location-based Internet of Things (IoT), offers an advanced patient tracking system. This article highlights several key applications of this system, demonstrating how Blueiot’s technology ensures patient safety and improves healthcare outcomes.

Ensure Safety:

Blueiot’s Patient Tracking System employs real-time location system (RTLS) technology to establish safety zones within medical facilities. If a patient accidentally moves outside the designated safety zone or approaches an unauthorized area, the system triggers an immediate alarm. This feature enables healthcare staff to respond promptly, ensuring patient safety and preventing potential incidents.

Trajectory Analysis:

Blueiot’s RTLS technology allows for detailed trajectory analysis of patient movements. This is particularly valuable for patients with mental disorders or behavioral conditions. The system records and analyzes the patient’s behavior over time, helping healthcare providers gain insights into patterns, identify potential risks, and customize care plans accordingly. This functionality contributes to more effective treatment strategies and patient management.

Infant Security:

Blueiot’s Patient Tracking System ensures the security of newborns and infants within healthcare facilities. By providing safe, comfortable, and non-intrusive wristbands, the system not only tracks their location but also records their identity. This enhances infant security, prevents accidental mix-ups, and offers peace of mind to parents and healthcare professionals alike.


Blueiot’s Patient Tracking System offers a range of applications that enhance patient safety and streamline healthcare operations. By leveraging RTLS technology, the system enables efficient safety monitoring, trajectory analysis, and infant security. ¬†Blueiot’s commitment to innovation and their expertise in IoT solutions make them an ideal partner for healthcare providers seeking to implement patient tracking systems.

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