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Discover Innovative Gimbal Stabilizer Accessories from SmallRig

SmallRig has been innovating high-quality gimbal stabilizer accessories for content creators all over the world. Their extensive line of products helps filmmakers get the most out of their camera stabilizers.

Discover Innovative Gimbal Stabilizer Accessories from SmallRig

An Extensive Range of Gimbal Stabilizer Accessories 

SmallRig offers a wide variety of useful gimbal stabilizer accessories for all major brands including DJI, Zhiyun, and Moza. From grips and cages to monitor mounts and quick release plates, they have everything a filmmaker needs to transform their gimbal into a powerful content creation tool.

Some of their most popular gimbal stabilizer accessories include:

Handles and Grips: These enhance control and stability, reduce arm fatigue, and allow for one-handed operation of the gimbal. SmallRig offers dual handgrips, sling grips, and side handles.

Monitor Mounts: These enable filmmakers to attach an external monitor for framing shots while using their gimbal. SmallRig’s adjustable monitor mounts fit a wide range of gimbals and monitors.

Quick Release Plates: These allow fast attachment and removal of the camera from the gimbal. SmallRig’s plates are compatible with Arca Swiss, Manfrotto, and DJI quick release systems.

Camera Cages and Protective Gear: SmallRig’s protective accessories shield the camera body and lens from damage while using a gimbal. They offer cages, lens hoods, filters, and screen protectors.

  1. Counterweights: These balance out heavy cameras and lenses for smoother operation of the gimbal stabilizer. SmallRig’s counterweights are compatible with DJI, Zhiyun, and Moza gimbal brands.

Exceptional Design and Quality

SmallRig prides itself on innovative design and durable, high-quality materials. Their accessories are made from aircraft-grade aluminum, ABS plastic, rubberized materials, stainless steel, and nylon fiber.

They utilize a modular design that enables different accessories to work together seamlessly. The accessories are also compatible with multiple gimbal brands to give filmmakers flexibility.


Filmmakers around the world trust SmallRig’s professional-grade gimbal stabilizer accessories to capture stable, smooth footage and optimize their camera stabilizers. If you’re looking to enhance your gimbal rig, check out SmallRig’s extensive product offering.

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