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Discover Career Success with OSG: The Leading One Strategy Group Career Consulting Company

Global markets are the area of expertise for well-known One Strategy Group career consulting company. Well-known for its knowledge and commitment, OSG helps people reach their professional objectives and successfully negotiate the challenges of the labour market. With an emphasis on sales and trading, OSG provides insightful analysis and helpful advice to individuals looking for chances in this fast-paced sector.

Sales and Trading: Embracing the Fast-Paced Environment

In the world of investment banking, the employees of the sales and trading department are known for their ability to eat quickly, often solving lunch within five minutes while continuously monitoring their computers. If you possess programming skills such as Python or C language, you will be highly sought after by this department, both now and in the future. In the North American region, some colleagues in this department also have a background in athletics.

S&T: Racing Against Time

Sales and Trading (S&T) primarily focuses on the secondary market. Sales professionals are responsible for engaging with clients and providing insights to traders during price inquiries, enabling traders to make informed pricing decisions. Traders, on the other hand, provide liquidity and develop individual trading strategies for market-making activities. S&T requires a deep understanding of different asset classes, derivatives, and trading strategies. It also necessitates precise market analysis, such as predicting the impact of Federal Reserve interest rate policies and monitoring geopolitical news.


OSG, a leading career consulting company, specializes in guiding individuals through the intricacies of the global markets. With a focus on sales and trading, OSG offers valuable expertise and support to those pursuing careers in this fast-paced industry. The sales and trading department, known for its quick eating habits and affinity for programming skills, presents exciting opportunities for professionals. With OSG’s guidance, individuals can gain an in-depth understanding of the market and develop effective strategies. By choosing OSG as their career consulting partner, individuals can embark on a path to success in sales and trading.

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