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Cool Home Gadgets That You Must Own

Every aspect of our lives, including our home, is becoming more technologically sophisticated. Smart home products and gadgets have been growing in popularity over the years. They can improve the efficiency and design your home, making it more attractive to potential buyers or guests if you’re selling your house. There is almost an electronic substitute for everything in modern life, including chores, homework, studying, and even items that aid with relaxation and leisure time. We Buy Any House has compiled a list of the top home gadgets to help you upgrade your home.

#1- SRSNB10 Wireless Neckband Speaker

What’s the best alternative to a faulty earphone? The wireless neckband speaker is the answer. Sony’s new neckband speaker is a comfortable and ergonomic design. It sits on your shoulders and plays the audio in a concentrated beam towards your ears. Bluetooth connectivity and a microphone allow you to make calls or listen music up to 30 m from your computer. Its angle optimizes sound quality for your ears and is lightweight at 113g.

#2- Furbo Dog Camera

This device is great for pets who hate to leave their pet cat or dog. The Furbo Dog Camera is a smart investment. The 1080p HD camera allows you to see your pet day and night with the 160-degree wide-angle lens and 4X zoom. It also features infrared night vision and an infrared night mode. The device has additional features such as a two way chat system and a treat dispenser, which can be controlled remotely by pressing a button on the app.

#3- Fujifilm Instax Mini Mobile Photo Printer

This device can be used to quickly print photos from your smartphone. The handy Fijufilm instant printer. It connects wirelessly with your phone and prints each photo in about 12 seconds. With a full charge you can print 100 photos per day. This device is perfect for parties and sleepovers, thanks to its Party Mode that allows you to combine images from different phones to create a mystery image.

#4- Freeze Frame

We can be honest and say that TVs can look unattractive and bulky. Samsung has a solution. They call it ‘The Frame’. The Frame is a unit that looks like a piece art until the TV turns on. Three artworks by Scholten and Bangs, a Dutch design duo, are included with the television.

#5- Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Hoovering is a labor-intensive chore that homeowners often put off. The robot vacuum cleaner is the solution. The robot vacuum cleaner has a powerful suction power and is able to reach every corner to remove pet hair, dust, and dirt. It is also very intelligent at recognising and observing obstacles so that there are no falls or collisions.

#6- Illuminated Bulb

These bulbs, also known as LED lights or colour changing bulbs, have been a popular trend in the home for many years. This bulb can be used in all light fixtures and is multi-fit. The app can be used to change the colour of the bulb via your smartphone. This is a great way to make your home appear occupied even though it’s not.

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