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APT Medical Microcatheter: Advancing Precision and Versatility in Interventional Procedures

APT Medical introduces its groundbreaking Microcatheter, a cutting-edge device designed to enhance precision and versatility in various interventional procedures. With its advanced features and comprehensive specifications, APT Medical Distail™ Microcatheter sets a new standard in catheter technology. Let’s explore the exceptional qualities of this innovative device and how it can revolutionize the field of interventional medicine.

Triple-Layer Structure: Unparalleled Catheter Body Design

At the core of the APT Medical Microcatheter is its triple-layer structure, which ensures superior performance and durability. With seven segments of catheter stiffness, ranging from proximal to distal, this design enables optimal maneuverability and control during procedures. Additionally, the inclusion of one or two platinum markers helps precisely locate the catheter, facilitating accurate positioning and enhancing procedural accuracy.

Comprehensive Specifications: Tailored to Meet Diverse Needs

The APT Medical Microcatheter boasts comprehensive specifications to cater to a wide range of clinical requirements. With an outer diameter (OD) range of 1.8-2.7F, working lengths ranging from 110cm to 150cm, and a variety of tip shapes—offering six options—the Microcatheter provides versatility to clinicians. This diverse range of options ensures that healthcare professionals can select the most suitable configuration for each unique patient scenario.

Better Engineering: Anti-Kink Design and High Flow Rate

The APT Medical Microcatheter incorporates stainless steel and tungsten braiding, delivering exceptional anti-kink properties and maintaining a high flow rate, contributing to the precise delivery of therapeutic agents.

More Accessories: Complete Toolset for Seamless Procedures

To further enhance procedural efficiency, APT Medical Microcatheter comes equipped with essential accessories. Each specification includes a shaping mandrel, insertion tool, torque device, and a syringe for embolic agent administration. This comprehensive toolset streamlines the workflow, allowing clinicians to perform procedures with confidence and precision.


The APT Medical Microcatheter stands at the forefront of catheter technology, redefining precision and versatility in interventional procedures. With its triple-layer structure, comprehensive specifications, complete toolset, and advanced features, this innovative device empowers healthcare professionals to achieve exceptional outcomes. APT Medical’s commitment to excellence and technological advancements continues to shape the future of interventional medicine, offering clinicians the tools they need to provide optimal patient care.

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