A Short Introduction to Huawei

Information, communication technology (ICT) and smart devices are major global providers. The solution to four key areas – telecom networks, IT and smart devices as well as cloud services – is our commitment to making digital accessible to all, at home and in a connected world.

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Return policy for Huawei

You will have 14 days to decide whether you want to keep or return the Huawei products purchased from this website. The period begins from the day you receive your products. After submitting your request for return, you have 14 days to return the product. The refund period begins from the date that you submit your request. You can request a refund within 14 days after purchase by contacting our customer support team via Hotline or Live Chat. If you are returning a product from the United Kingdom (excluding Jersey and Guernsey), you will be provided with a pre-paid return label. However, you might need to pay the return shipping costs if the label is not used.

Verify the quality of the product

Good condition products must be returned. The product price will be reduced if you handle the goods. In addition, you must inspect the products. All accessories must be returned to Huawei for a full refund. Huawei will replace your product if you return it within 14 days. You cannot exchange your products for another product.

How to Send the Products Back

Here are the steps to follow if you purchased your products using a Huaweiaccount.

Log in to your account

Add to “My Account”.

Choose “Orders”.

If you wish to return or replace, please select the order that interests you.

Choose “Restore”

You can choose to return or keep your package;

Submit your return request;

The return label will be emailed to you.


An order that you have placed before it has been packed can be cancelled. They will begin your refund immediately after they receive your cancellation request. They will issue a refund within 14 days of receipt if you return the products. They may hold off on reimbursing you if they do not have proof of return or the goods. They will refund you using the same payment method they used to place your order. The refund process begins immediately after they have received your products or proof that delivery was made. The time it takes to receive a refund will depend on the payment bank.

Bundle returns

Huawei might offer integrated products to you or a gift when your order is placed on the Huawei Online Store. These gifts and quantities are only given if the products are stored in good condition. They recommend that you return all products and gifts together for a full refund. You may have to pay additional compensation if you are unable or unwilling to refund the entire amount.

Defective products

Consumers are legally bound to provide products that conform to this agreement if they are consumers. You have the right to exercise your legal rights if you are not satisfied with the product or it appears defective. You can exercise your legal right to refuse products by returning them to us. They will pay for postage and collection costs.

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