Penny Dreadful is a Hidden Treasure for Goth Lovers and Bibliophiles

Originally, penny dreadfuls were episodes of cheap serial literature sold for a penny each in 19th-century London. The TV series Penny is based on the same concept but is much better in terms of storyline, direction, gothic as well as other literary references. The series premiered in 2014 and ran for three seasons. The show is a perfect blend of literature and gothic horror, making it a must-watch for both bibliophiles and goth lovers.

We will not bore you with what happens in the episodes to avoid any kinds of spoilers, but we will tell you all the great things that we noticed about the series.

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Coming back to the point, here are some reasons why you should give Penny Dreadful a try:

Literary References

Being a bibliophile we understand how literary references can be super-exciting for you. In that case, Penny Dreadful is filled with references to classic literature, including works by Edgar Allan Poe, Bram Stoker, and Mary Shelley. The show weaves these references into the story in a way that is both subtle and clever, making it a joy for literature enthusiasts to watch.

Themes of Morality and Existentialism

Another thing that is super unique about the show, which also makes it super interesting to watch is the themes of morality and existentialism, and the human condition. The characters are complex and multi-dimensional, each with their own unique struggles and inner demons to contend with. In all three seasons, we see the growth of each character and how they are fighting with their own self.

One example of this is Eva Green’s character Vanessa Ives. Eva’s performance in the show has been phenomenal in many instances where her character fights with her morality and existence.

Visually Stunning

Besides everything else, we would give the show a 10 on 10 for the picturesque setting. The episodes have plenty of beautiful visuals, from the costume design to the set decorations. The Victorian London setting is richly detailed, and the show’s gothic aesthetic is both eerie and beautiful.

The art direction is amazing when it comes to showing the city, the creatures, Sir Malcolm Murray’s house, or the theatre. Every single location has its aesthetic importance.

Strong Performances

Another thing that hyped up the show back in its time was the fact that each one of the cast members gave their best performance. The cast was top-notch, not only did Eva Green and Josh Hartnett give standout performances, but other actors especially Rory Kinnear Reeve Carney, and Billie Piper gave outstanding performances.

The chemistry we see between the actors is palpable, making it easy to become invested in the story and the characters.

A Unique Take on the Horror Genre

Penny Dreadful takes a unique approach to the horror genre, blending elements of supernatural, psychological, and gothic horror. The show is not your typical horror series, and it keeps the audience on the edge of their seats throughout the series.

From creatures, to psychologically messed up characters, to horror characters and events, the show has everything. Besides, the most important and best part about it is that the different horror genres are not stuffed into the story. However, instead of being stuffed, the genres and types of horror are beautifully interwoven into the story.

In conclusion

Penny Dreadful is a must-watch for bibliophiles and goth lovers alike. The show is a perfect blend of literature and gothic horror. It is visually stunning and features strong performances. The themes of morality and existentialism add depth to the show and make it a unique take on the horror genre. With its three seasons, it is a perfect weekend watch that will keep you hooked from the first episode until the last one.

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