New88 Southern Tien Len Game – Detailed Instructions on How to Play

Game advance to the South must be a familiar game to thousands of bettors in the market. This card game is considered a national game, appearing in all bookmakers. Join Nhà cái New88 to find out more details and instructions on how to participate in this interesting game.

What’s hot about the Southern Tien Len game?

Tien Len is a game with millions of players choosing to bet every day. This game originated a long time ago and was improved into an online form. Players will use the extremely familiar 52-card deck of cards in today’s card games.

Game advance to the South Received support from many members because of its fairly simple gameplay. Everyone will have 13 cards to playup Participate in betting on the system. The brother who can play all those cards first will be the final winner.

This game received support from many players

Detailed instructions for the Southern Tien Len game

This is a game with quite easy-to-understand gameplay so new players can completely choose. We inform everyone about this game information as follows:


Every game Southern advance game will begin with the participating player choosing the desired bet level. After you have placed the amount of money you want, the system will deal cards to each participant. Every member will be dealt 13 cards and use them to play in the game.

The round begins with the player who owns the 3 of spades card in his hand, who will proceed to play down the card. Then continue clockwise, the next player needs to play a higher card than the previous player. Continue like that until one person plays all the cards in their hand.

The next person must proceed to block the previous player to continue participating. If you cannot block it, your turn will be counted as lost and passed to another player. This person needs to wait until the new round to continue playing cards.

Common terms

When participating in play Southern advance gameYou will come across many terms like the following:

  • Four of a kind: this is a deck of cards consisting of 4 cards of the same value and has the power to help block 1 or 2 of the opponent’s pigs.
  • 3 pairs of pine: this is a group of 3 pairs in a row and can block 1 pig.
  • 4 pairs of pine: consists of 4 consecutive pairs forming and can block up to 2 pigs.
  • Straight: this is a deck of cards that is a series of consecutive values, not necessarily of the same suit. Each straight must have a minimum of 3 cards or more to form.
  • Sam Co: a collection of 3 cards of the same value to form a deck.
  • Pair: this is a set of 2 cards of the same value, regardless of suit.
  • Junk cards: only individual cards that cannot be combined with any other cards.

Things you need to know about how to playSouthern advance game

How to participate in the Southern Tien Len game on New88

Everyone can participate in these card games on the New88 betting platform. To participate, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Access the New88 betting system and log in to your account.
  • Step 2: Select the item Southern advance game, then this game interface will appear for everyone.
  • Step 3: Choose the bet level as well as the game table to participate in the system.
  • Step 4: Click start to let the dealer deal the cards to you in the betting game. Then everyone needs to use their experience to play the cards in the bet.

How to win in the southern Tien Len game?

Once you understand the rules and how to play, you can completely conquer the fighting games. However, to be able to win bets, you need to have some additional tips for yourself. Let’s learn some playing tips that veteran bettors share today.
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  • Remember cards to eliminate: members need to remember the cards that other members have played before. This helps you eliminate decks that other players own.
  • Play slowly but surely: each turn, you have 20 seconds to think and play cards. In the meantime, analyze carefully so as not to make wrong decisions.
  • Good card management: players should prioritize playing cards that are not beneficial to their hand first. From there, you can lure the opponent into releasing their powerful cards. Then you can easily defeat your opponent quickly.

Some playing tips that members can apply to their betting games


Game advance to the South There are still countless interesting things waiting for participants to experience. You can try your hand at thousands of experienced members at bookmaker New88. Quickly access the system to receive extremely interesting experiences.

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