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Get the ieGeek Floodlight Camera ZY-E1 for Better Protection.

Nowadays, homeowners place a high value on security. When it comes to property security, floodlight cameras have been game-changers. Here we’ll take a look at the advantages of floodlight cameras and present the ieGeek Floodlight Camera ZY-E1 as a cutting-edge and intelligent IP surveillance solution.

Light Monitoring and Surveillance Combined

The ieGeek Floodlight Camera ZY-E1 is more than just a floodlight. It seamlessly integrates surveillance capabilities, allowing you to have both lighting and monitoring in one device. This dual-functionality not only illuminates your surroundings but also enhances security by providing real-time monitoring and recording. With ieGeek, you can enjoy the convenience of a floodlight while keeping a watchful eye on your property.

Advanced Security Features

The ieGeek Floodlight Camera ZY-E1 offers a range of advanced security features. It provides motion alerts, instantly notifying you through your smartphone or other devices when any movement is detected. You can customize detection areas to focus on specific zones, ensuring that you are alerted to relevant activity. Additionally, the built-in 110dB siren acts as a powerful deterrent, scaring off potential intruders. With these advanced features, ieGeek ensures that you have a comprehensive security system at your fingertips.


One particularly innovative and astute option for IP surveillance is the ieGeek Floodlight Camera ZY-E1. Homeowners get a complete and hassle-free solution with its superior security features, illumination, and surveillance capabilities integrated into one. Enhance your security and rest easy knowing your property is well-protected with the ieGeek Floodlight Camera ZY-E1.

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