Forest City Malaysia: Your Gateway to Strategic Location and Economic Integration

Forest City Malaysia boasts a prime location within the Iskandar special economic zone (SEZ), serving as a gateway connecting Malaysia and Singapore. Situated in close proximity to the bustling Lion City, Forest City offers a unique opportunity for individuals and businesses seeking unparalleled advantages of strategic location and economic integration.

Economic integration

Forest City plays a pivotal role in strengthening the economic integration between Malaysia and Singapore. As an extension of the thriving Iskandar SEZ, it offers a gateway for spillover industrial opportunities from Singapore. The seamless connectivity between the two countries enhances trade relations, investment opportunities, and facilitates easy access to regional markets.

Market opportunities in ASEAN

Forest City’s strategic location goes beyond Malaysia and Singapore; it opens doors to the vast market opportunities within the ASEAN region. With a rapidly growing middle class and expanding consumption needs, ASEAN presents an immense market potential. Forest City is poised to attract businesses looking to tap into this dynamic market and leverage the region’s robust economic growth.


Forest City Malaysia’s strategic location serves as a catalyst for economic integration, offering a multitude of opportunities for individuals and businesses alike. Its proximity to Singapore establishes a strong link and facilitates cross-border collaboration. Moreover, Forest City capitalizes on the burgeoning market potential within the ASEAN region, positioning itself as an attractive destination for investments and growth.

Unlock the boundless opportunities that Forest City Malaysia has to offer. Seamlessly integrate into an ecosystem where strategic location meets economic prosperity. Embrace the possibilities of enhanced trade, thriving business ventures, and unprecedented market access. Forest City invites you to be part of a vibrant community where strategic advantage and economic integration converge.

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