Five Methods to Perform UX Research

It is crucial to conduct user experience research in order to create a product that is successful. This ensures that your product is intuitive and user-friendly. These are five ways to conduct UX research.

1. Remote Accessibility

Remote Usability Testing is one of the most valuable UX research methods. Remote Usability testing allows your researchers to conduct user testing in many locations. Remote usability testing can be used to track users in the same environments they might encounter your product. This type of testing allows you to test individual tasks and complete procedures with a group of people while you track their progress and address any problems they have.

2. Online surveys

An online survey can be a great way to get user feedback. These surveys can be sent to your customers or users. You can use the results to identify common problems and areas for improvement. This type of usability testing can’t be used for prototypes because it requires that the product or service already be accessible to consumers. Online surveys are best used when a product or service aspect is in flux, such as when it’s being updated or when you need feedback to improve the current offerings.

3. Desirability Studies

A desirability analysis is a study that examines how people react to the design of your product. You want to get feedback from your users about how they feel the design is appealing and their emotional and attitudinal reactions to it. This type of UX research doesn’t require you to have a complete prototype. You just need to create the visual designs that you intend to use in your product, and then let study participants react to them.

4. Try Sampling

The purpose of experiencing sampling is to quickly identify issues and pain points, before you present a prototype for usability testing or interviews. You can then prioritize the most critical pain points, and you will have a better idea about which areas you want usability testers’ attention to.

5. Task Analysis

Remote usability testing is similar to task analysis in that it gathers data from actual users of the product. Remote usability testing is best done after the prototype is complete, but task analysis should be done early in the development process. This UX research should be completed before you start designing the product’s visual components. It is helpful to determine the scope of your product, identify the best site structure, refine task organization, and navigate.

During your research and testing phase, you don’t have to use every UX research method. You can choose the most effective methods to improve your product. Consider the information that you have and the information that you will need. Also consider any potential complications in using your product.

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