Explaining the meaning of terms in cockfighting to bettors

Professionals often use these Terminology in cockfighting. However, not everyone understands these phrases clearly, especially new players. So let’s read the article below Okvip We will support and help everyone better understand these terms.
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Introduction to cockfighting

Before learning the terminology in cockfighting, you must know some information about this betting sport. This is an extremely popular betting game in Vietnam, favored by many people. 

This game will require you to predict the outcome of a cockfighting match and see which cock will win. The bonuses you receive from this betting game are extremely high. 

Introduction to cockfighting terminology

Cockfighting is similar to online soccer today, they both use many different terms. For those who don’t know, cockfighting terms are phrases used to describe how to raise chickens, betting actions, cockfighting raising models…

Summary of terms in cockfighting

There are many terms in cockfighting that bettors must remember. That way during the game, you won’t encounter anyone who makes unnecessary mistakes. Specifically, commonly used terms are:

Professional cockfighting terminology

When participating in online cockfighting, bettors need to master the most commonly used cockfighting terminology. Because when participating in betting, people will encounter many new phrases. If you do not understand clearly, you may fall into the trap set by the house. Here are the terms you need to know:

  • Battle Cock: Fighting cock 2 years old or older.
  • Battle Stag: Young chicken, 2 years old or less.
  • Battle Royal: Many cocks fight in the same game. Whichever cock survives last is the winner.
  • Cock: Another form of fighting cock.
  • Cock – match: Phrase used to refer to people watching cockfights.
  • Cockpit: Cockpit is designed with a square or circular shape. The chickens selected to compete with the referee will have to be in the same yard.
  • Cocker: Known as a professional cock breeder.
  • Feeder: Phrase used to refer to those who take care of the chickens and train them after each round or match.
  • Pitting: The action where two chickens touch each other before entering the cockpit.
  • Gaff: Refers to the accessories attached to the chicken’s legs. This accessory will be made of iron and pointed, or have many angles. Thus, the damage will increase significantly,
  • Sparring Muffs: Leather items placed on the cock’s feet shaped like gloves. This item can only be used in practice matches.

Common terms in cockfighting 

In addition to the above terms in cockfighting, people can also encounter the following phrases from semi-professional players:
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  • Walking: This action only occurs in cocks that are 7 to 8 months old. Accordingly, chicken raising techniques will have spurs and beaks when raising chickens with iron spurs. However, just cover the beak with special fighting cocks. This walking action will help the rooster increase his running power and endurance.
  • Running cages: This is one of the models for training and raising cockfighting accurately. Accordingly, professional breeders will confine 1 animal and release 1 animal. This form is understood as two chickens seeing each other but because they are separated they cannot rush into the fight. In this way, the chickens will increase their desire to compete and become more enthusiastic.
  • Turmeric: This phrase means the act of thinly applying turmeric to the skin of fighting cocks. This method of farming will help the chicken’s skin become thicker, making it less likely to get injured when fighting.
  • Rolling beam: This term in cockfighting is understood as the action that helps the chicken’s legs become firmer. Usually, trainers will soak the chicken in anti-inflammatory medicine mixed with a little diluted salt.

Terminology for chicken training exercises

When using terminology in cockfighting, everyone also needs to know the phrases that refer to training exercises. Specifically:

  • Pre-conditioning: The breeder needs to hold the chicken regularly and the top part of the chicken needs to be regularly added with turmeric.
  • Conditioning: Before the chickens go out to compete, they need to be taken care of most carefully. When applying this method, the cock will limit calf swelling and twisted legs.
  • Physical conditioning: Exercises such as sparring, flying, running…
  • Metal conditioning: To increase sensitivity and flexibility during competition, people need to apply advanced exercises.
  • Pulling: This action is understood as allowing two chickens to stand facing each other. However, people will not allow two roosters to fight each other. Actions performed include pecking back and forth or biting the opponent’s head or neck. Next, the owner needs to directly hold the chicken’s tail and continuously perform luring actions.
  • Cockfighting: This is a specialized way of speaking often used in cockfighting terminology. This is considered a resting time so the chicken can get enough energy. During this time, the owner should add nutrition and strength to the cock before entering the next regimen.

Some other terms

In addition, you need to pay attention to other cockfighting terms below:

  • Bien: Known as a referee in cockfighting. This will be the person who observes and determines victory or defeat.
  • Nai: This term is used to refer to people who specialize in holding and fixing cocks before a match takes place. They can be the cockerel’s owner, the cockerel’s trainer, or a friend of the cockerel’s master. They must make preparations for the cocks.
  • Cock owners: These are the people who own fighting cocks that are brought into competition. Currently, the organizers or the owner of the cockfighting arena will prepare chickens for you.
  • Flute row: An indispensable ingredient in cockfighting matches. Because their bloodline is extremely high, the cockfight will become more bustling and attractive.
  • Bronze fighting: It is understood that two cocks of equal talent compete with each other. However, this case is quite rare, only appearing in major tournaments around the world.
  • One-to-one cockfighting: this term in cockfighting is rarely seen. Because the difference between the two cocks is extremely large, they can participate in this handicap. 
  • 2-for-2 cockfighting: With this handicap, not many people choose it. Although the reward rate is high, the probability of winning is very low.
  • Cockfighting wins 3, 4, 5,…: The terms in cockfighting all have similarities with the two phrases mentioned above.
  • Body fighting: It is understood that the winning side will take the lost fighting cock as the reward for that match. However, depending on each match, the two sides will make a reasonable contract.


Thus the above article of Okvip cockfighting helped the brothers grasp the terminology in cockfighting. Cockfighting is an interesting game but requires you to clearly understand the rules of the game along with the terminology. Hope the information in the article will help everyone.

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